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NSG010: Katakana Game 0.1 NSG010: Katakana Game 0.1

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Not a bad idea...

Learning Japanese myself, I appreciate this kind of stuff on here. However, if you're going to use Flash for this kind of stuff, at least type the actual characters using a Japanese font, or at the very least screen-shot the characters. I advise using a blocky font as it's easy to read. Maybe an idea for the hiragana version?

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Yeah, I know myself that the characters are really ugly. I've been learning calligraphy (on practise scrolls with traditional ink blocks and brushes) but I'm not good enough yet to do a full character.

And even with a wacom, flash just isn't suitable for creating all those flicks and whatnot (unless I spend a day editing all the control points, which I don't really find fun).

If you know of a good font, please let me know. I was gonna scan in the characters from my text book as a stop-gap until I learn calligraphy well enough to paint beautiful characters.

Glad you like it. It'll get much better yet and it's good to know there's an audience for this.

Thanks for the review.

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